A sample edit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for feedback on a specific part of your manuscript, or if you’d like to see an example of my editing before committing to hiring me for a full project. Having trouble nailing your beginning? Send me your first chapter. Worried that the middle of your book is confusing or slow? Send me an excerpt. At your request, I can offer substantive, line, or copy edits. Or you may say, “Here are some pages—go crazy.”

This option will:

• Give you a sense of what professional editing looks and feels like.

• Offer an opportunity to observe the way I work on the page.

• Provide you with useful feedback and tools should you decide to hold off on hiring an editor while you continue to revise the work yourself.

Bonus: If you end up hiring me for a full edit based on the sample edit, I will deduct the cost of the sample edit from your final bill.

Revision is when you first get to recognize the distance between what you wanted to write, what you thought you were writing, and what you actually did write. That recognition often makes you want to throw up.
— Carolyn See