The type of editing you require will depend on the state and stage of your project. Please read through my list of services to see what you think may be right for you. If you’re uncertain, no problem—just send me a query, and we can hash out the details over email.


• SCHEDULING: For longer works, I book editing and critique clients one to six months in advance, and turnaround time varies depending on the project. To ensure a spot in my schedule, I recommend being in touch early, when you’re still writing or revising but know you’ll be eager to work with an editor once you’re done. Edits of shorter works and writing coaching can be booked on shorter notice.

• CONTRACT: Once we’ve agreed on the service you need, I will send you a contract outlining objectives and tasks, our agreed-upon deadlines and fee structure, and other important details.

• PAYMENT: For manuscript critiques and edits of longer works, payment is due in two installments—a retainer up front, with the balance to be paid on my delivery of the finished project to you. Edits of shorter works are billed hourly, with a minimum commitment due up front and the balance for additional hours worked due when the project is complete. Writing coaching is billed hourly and paid for as a package, up front; I track the hours worked and send an update on time remaining along with each round of feedback.

• YOUR PAGES: Writing should be submitted in standard industry format: 12-point font (Times New Roman), double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around and no extra spaces between paragraphs (not counting white space used as transition). Text should be justified left, and your pages should be numbered.

 EDITS: I edit in Microsoft Word and track changes, so you can see—and accept or reject—my every move. I also use Word’s comment bubbles to insert questions, suggestions, and observations.

• COMMUNICATION: For critique and editing projects, I communicate mostly via email. After you receive my feedback, we can schedule a follow-up call or correspond via email regarding any questions you may have, points that need clarifying, or next steps. When coaching I also prefer to communicate via email, though phone calls can be built into the process if we agree they’re beneficial.

To write is human, to edit is divine.
— Stephen King