Books are solitudes in which we meet.
— Rebecca Solnit

Writing coaching is like a private workshop—a great choice if you’d like to work one on one with an editor over a period of time, whether you’re in the process of creation or revision.

Coaching services are tailored to your wishes and may include any combination of the following:

• Critiques and edits in a more interactive environment, in which we may pass material back and forth multiple times, over the course of many revisions.

• Prompts or other writing assignments to spur creativity and help you practice.

• Tutorials on specific points of craft: description, dialogue, point of view, scenes and transitions, word choice, rhythm, the fundamentals of grammar, the art of trimming.

• Brainstorming about structure, story lines, book or article titles, and other matters of content.

Line or copy editing: chapter by chapter, page by page, or scene by scene.

• Help setting and sticking to deadlines.

• Recommendations for reading, suggestions for research.

• Encouragement, inspiration, commiseration.


• Coaching is billed hourly and paid for as a package, up front. You may purchase two, five, ten, twenty hours at a time—whatever number makes sense.

• I will track the hours I’ve worked and send periodic updates about time remaining. We may work according to a set schedule or go with the flow.

• Hours cover the time I spend working for and with you: reading your work, editing, researching, reading and writing email, discussing questions and feedback over the phone.

If you’d like to discuss this service, please send me a note.