Class Starting in January: Online Writing Group

For those interested in online writing classes: Starting later this month, I’m teaching the Online Writing Group for the Writer’s Studio, part of the University of Chicago’s Graham School. As the course description says:

You will generate and revise your creative work (up to 4,000 words of prose or eight pages of poetry at a time) alongside a supportive, dedicated cohort of writers. Regardless of location and schedule, this group can help you find motivation, inspiration, and creative breakthroughs.

This course is a great option for writers who are looking for peer feedback and the ultimate in flexibility. There are three workshop deadlines over the course of eight weeks, but other than that, it’s entirely up to you how much you commit to doing the readings or dip in and out of the various discussion boards.

You can register for the course here. And if January–March isn’t a good window for you but you’re still interested in the course, check back again in a couple of months—I’ll be teaching the April–June session as well.